Courtney “Owl Baby” Newman a well-known creep, dope dealer and all around bad guy and his lovely girlfriend/baby mamma, Takiashia Brown dabbled in the sales and distribution of dope and guns. As is customary in this situation both had lengthy arrest and conviction records. Not so customary, Takiashia, snitched for Murph and myself. Takiashia came […]

Ken Dye on American Heros Radio

Shadow of the Arch by AmericanHeroesRadio Airdate: Sat, September 19, 2009 Ken Dye recently appeared on American Heros Radio. Conversations with American Heroes at the Watering Hole featured a discussion with Ken Dye, a former St. Louis County Police Department law enforcement official about his career and book – Shadow of the Arch. Ken Dye, […]

Ken Dye Publishes new novel

Ken Dye is publishing his new novel, “Beyond the Shadow of the Arch”. This is the sequel to his first novel, “Shadow of the Arch”. Detectives Sloan and Falimoso solve a brutal cold case involving the murder of a restaurant manager. Upon completion of solving this and other complex and challenging “Who Done Its” they’re off […]

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