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Ken Dye was a PROUD former member of the St. Louis County Missouri Police Department. Spending the majority of his time assigned to the Tactical Operations, Undercover Narcotics, Homicide and Intelligence bureaus.Ken Dye

Ken and his partner received the 1980 Missouri Police Officers of the year award for diligent and focused undercover work that prevented a bomb plot and violent bank robbery.

Ken went on to a distinguished career as a corporate executive. He finished his career as the Administrator for statewide Metropolitan Enforcement Groups and Narcotics Task Forces for the state of Illinois with the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority.

Ken resides in the Tampa Bay area and enjoys the best job in his life…”Grandpa.”

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  1. The truth will set you free .A great read done by a professional who has been in the thick of things and never lost sight of his mission ” to serve and protect ” A job well done .

  2. Love Ken Dye’s style..He has a canny way of getting the story straight with humor to lighten up the madness….

    1. Debra: Thanks for your mist kind comments. I’ll keep writing these stories of tragedy and despair with a little twist. These offenders should never have been on the street, yet we se, time and again, felons on release for murder, agg. aslt and other violent offences. Keep after the POL’s and stay safe.

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