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Ken Dye is a former Narcotics Undercover Agent. He has published two crime fiction novels, “Shadow of the Arch” and “Beyond the Shadow of the Arch“. Ken writes action novels bases upon his true life experiences. His first non-fiction book was released in 2015 “Michael Brown, Jr. didn’t have to die” and investigates the shooting and protests of the Ferguson, Missouri incident.cropped-Ken-Dye-web.jpg

Ken has created this blog to share a cop’s perspective with friends and readers.

To read about Ken’s latest novel, Michael Brown, Jr. didn’t have to die, go to KenJDye.com 

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  1. My cousin, Dennis Stolte, gets some ink in “Curbstone” commenting about his years in the DEA.
    I’m working…ever so slowly, on sequel. The original book sold well but that was all my original stuff…now I have to go after other stories so now it becomes it tad more difficult.
    There is some cop humor and other observations on Facebook under the heading of “Curbstone Justice” that has a small following and keeps the book name “out there.”
    Look forward to reading some of your stuff…
    Best Regards

  2. Know Dennis well. Worked with him while he was with the DEA task force. I was in STLCOPD Narcotics.

    Dennis went on to distinguish himself as a STLMPD SGT and as one of the very best analyst DEA ever had. it’s my pleasure to see him at the Christmas parties put on by Harry.

    I’d like a copy of “Curbstone”…I’ll send you a copy of “MBJ Didn’t have to Die.” Check out my commercial that will be running on local TV in a few weeks. Just go to U Tube and type in “Michael Brown Jr. Didn’t Have to Die.”

    It’s not what you think…the dumb ass didn’t have to die if he hadn’t attacked the cop. Very pro cop. Enjoy your posts on coptalk. Talk soon.

    Ken Dye

  3. Michael Brown Jr. Didn’t have to die…all he had to do was follow Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson’s directions and get on the sidewalk. Dorian Johnson would have you believe that Wilson said “Get the fuck on the sidewalk”…Wilson said “Hey guy’s, what’s wrong with the sidewalk.”

    Dorian was convicted of perjury(MO CASE NET). Darren Wilson has not been convicted of ANYTHING. He has, however, been convicted in the court of public opinion of murder.

    Draw your own conclusion.

  4. If you were worth a crap as an officer, it should be essentially in your DNA long before you retire.
    And, for what its’ worth, no oath of office I have taken: military or commissioned police officer…had an expiration date
    Funny thing, that.
    Always, in His service,
    Bob Lyness

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