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Man, what a day.  Thursday, daywatch, usually a quiet time.  Not today.  Everything broke loose.  A steve McQueen pursuit that ended with the rollin’ stolen crashing into a police car.  Shooting here, stabbing there  three or four domestics all at the same time.  The TAC unit sent to the district to handle some of the calls.  They never do that.  Ian and I were glad when the end of watch rolled around.  Damn, haven’t been that busy in a while.

Everyone adjourned to Paddy’s.  The place is hoppin’.  The guys from patrol, detectives and TAC cops were drinking cold buds and the stories flew.

Joe McCollough, a 19th district patrol supervisor told the tale about testifying in a domestic case where the suspect beat the livin’ shit out of his wife/ baby’s momma.  The defense attorney, Howlin’ Ray Nixon questioned Joe regarding the rather large gash on the left side of his client’s thick head, courtesy of Joe’s kel light.

Howlin’ Ray first asked if Joe was right handed.  Yes.

“Well then how did my client get struck on the left side of his head?”  After the usual crapola about his client being set upon by the overly aggressive and brutal police, unnecessaly and perhaps criminally inside the residence of his client.

Joe said, “the defendant was advancing on me in an aggressive manner.  I had my pistol in my right hand and my flashlight in my left.  I really didn’t want to shoot the fool and in a move much like that of a bullfighter, I moved quickly to my right and struck the advancing threat with a backward sweeping motion of my left hand.”  The hand holding the heavy metal flashlight.

Judge “Catus jack” Murphy put a stop to the silly line of questioning and bound the turkey over for trial at the circuit court level.

Then two of the TAC cops related an incident where they stopped a car for no tail lights.  The vehicle being occupied by three shady dudes decked out in their finest togglery.

Two of the mopes, wanted for an armed robbery were taken into custody.

The third member of the trio exited the car and assumed the position.  One of the cops then patted the goof down.  When he got to the lower portion of his right leg he felt a bulge.  The bulge, from experience, felt like a bag of pot.

The cop pulled up leroy’s pant leg and extracted two bags of marijuana stuffed into the top portion of his socks.

The copper then asked “What have we here?”

Only to be met with the response “Man, that’s my brother’s socks, I can’t be responsible for what’s in his socks!!”

Keep truckin’

To read about Ken’s latest novel, go to his website.

Ken Dye Publishes new novel

Ken Dye is publishing his new novel, “Beyond the Shadow of the Arch”.Beyond the Shadow of the Arch

This is the sequel to his first novel, “Shadow of the Arch”.

Detectives Sloan and Falimoso solve a brutal cold case involving the murder of a restaurant manager.

Upon completion of solving this and other complex and challenging “Who Done Its” they’re off to an intense investigation by a violent criminal group intent on toppling one of Americia’s most recognizable landmarks…the “Gateway Arch.”

The investigation takes the two detectives into the secret and shrouded worlds of international finance and intrigue.

Don’t miss this one!!!

To read about Ken’s latest novel, go to his website.

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