A career criminal, out on bond for a previous gun pinch, shot and killed HPD SGT Sean Rios last week. The little weasel appeared before a judge who set his bond at $750K. You’d think that would be enough to keep this creep in jail…wrong! He, or somebody, paid the $75 K and he now free to roam and kill again. No wait, he has a GPS monitor. Phew, that must make the taxpayers happy.

The shooter has a number of felony offences on his sheet. They range from criminal mischief to holding his “girlfriend” hostage at gunpoint. He’s also suspected in a number of road rage incidents where shots were exchanged between 2 cars. It’s interesting to note that this little darling was out on 11, that’s right 11 previous bonds. Ya think if they didn’t work the first 11 times that they’ll work now.

The cops in Hpouston and the rest of the country are really getting tired of the extremely leinent justice system.

Maybe the judge that granted the shooter bail could explain the inner working of the system to SGT Rios’s family. Ah, maybe not.




Published by Ken Dye

Having grown up in Missouri, Ken Dye graduated from Northeastern Missouri State University (now Truman State University) and served his country. When he returned to St. Louis, he joined the St. Louis County Police Department and served in the tactical operations unit, as an undercover narcotics and homicide detective, and with the intelligence bureaus. After 13 years, he moved to Chicago to work with the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority. He is the author of three books: two crime novels, Shadow of the Arch and Beyond the Shadow of the Arch and Michael Brown, Jr. didn’t have to die, a non-fiction narrative. For more information about the author, visit www.KenJDye.com.

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  1. You know its way past time for the cops to just start doing what they are being accused of anyway. No more arrests, from now on they just need to start giving out the street justice. Fuck em! They know they are going to get away with shit so they just keep doing it.

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