Mass. Prosecutor Sues ICE To Stop Arrests In Courthouse

They’re at it again…this time the prosecutor in Suffolk County, MA (Think Boston) has sued the feds to stop making arrests in the courthouse. She says it’s making it harder for those charged to hold them accountable…HUH? She also stated that …”Not one person in the Commonwealth is safer because of that practice”… Double HUH? […]

Woman Arrested After Reporting Deputy Shot Chicken During Drive-By

In Escambia County,FL, the western most county in the state a deputy was on routine patrol. Whilst performing this task he ran over a chicken that had wandered into the roadway. A woman saw this and reported to the Sheriff’s office that the Deputy had shot the chicken in a “Drive-By.” She took to the […]

Non-Profit Post Bail For Domestic Abuse Suspect. When Released He Kills Her

A suspect arrested on a domestic abuse charge was bailed out by a St. Louis non-profit called the St. Louis Bail Project. At the suspects arraignment the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney told the court the suspect said at the time of the assault,”Might as well finish the job, she’s going to call the police anyway. This […]

Fremont (CA) Cops Ambushed, Take Out Gunman

Damn, that California is gettin’ tough on cops. Last week in Fremont a cop was on patrol when he observed a mopeass emerge from the shadows and fire at the officer. Fortunately the rounds missed the cop but struck the car several times. Did the cop run for cover…hell no. he turned his police unit […]

Sourpuss Gripes because Laguna Beach (CA) Police cars have American Flag Logos

Here’s one for ya. The Laguna Beach City Council may take off the the American flag logos on the city’s police cars. At a recent meeting a resident artist Said ” It’s shocking to see the boldness of this design. I thought the aesthetics didn’t represent our community.” Sounds like somebody needs to get our […]

Grand Rapids PD Helps Bullied Student

A Grand Rapids, MI cop was watching for those folks in too big of a hurry to stop for a school bus picking up students. As the bus took off Officer Austin Lynema noticed a boy running for the bus, too late. The cop asked the young boy if he missed his bus. “Yes and […]

Public Defender Smacked After Demanding No Cuffs

Boward County(FL) Sheriff Tony Gregory ordered all inmates appearing in court will be handcuffed. This comes after a public Defender was clocked by an unshackled defendant. This policy was put in place by the former Sheriff after the Public Defenders Office demanded that the prisoners NOT be restrained. Saying that it makes them look guilty. […]

CPD And The Smollett Case

By now we all know that a limp wristed assistant states attorney in Chicago told the news media and anyone who’s interested that the case against smollett has been dismissed. Why? Good question. The spokesperson for the states attorney said that he had done community service for operation push(and shove) a jessie jackson enterprise. He […]

Hold-Up Suspect Shot After Going For His Gun

These guys just never seem to learn. When a cop has you at gunpoint for an armed robbery you don’t, repeat, don’t go for your iron. In Las Vegas, cops got a call for an armed robbery in progress. As one might expect these kind of calls get a robust response. Based on information broadcast […]

Goof Breaks Into Ex-Girlfriends House, Gets Shot In the Crotch…Ouch!

A woman called the Grants Pass, OR police to report that her old boyfriend was attempting to break into her house. She advised that he had threatened her in the past. OK, cops on the way. The woman was still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher when they heard a shot. The intruder had […]

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