Special Ed. Teacher On Zoom Call With Student Attacked…Pity The Home Invader.

In Cleveland last week a Special Ed. Teacher was on zoom call with one of her students. She heard a racket downstairs and discovered a man, covered in blood, had broken into her home. He detained her in the upstairs portion of the house. The parents of the student called 911 and gave as much […]

Convicted For Murder, Hired By The DC Attorney General For “Cure The Streets” Project…Arrested For New Murder offense

Damn, you just can’t make this foolishness up. A convicted felon (Murder) hired for the “Cure The Streets” project arrested, once again for…that’s right, Murder! After serving 10 years coty wynn was released from the joint. He was then hired for another worthless project. He made a lotta contacts with the mayor and the DCAG. […]

Mobile, AL Sheriff’s Office Puts “Thug Tree” in Lobby

The Sheriff’s Office in Mobile put a tree in their lobby. Not just any tree, but a “Thug Tree.” It’s adorned with a bunch of mugshots of wanted/fugitive felons. It’s topped off with a pair of orange jail flip-flops. The Sheriff invites everybody on the tree to turn themselves in. If they do they’ll get […]

Stockton, CA Elects Mayor Who Wants To Add Cops, Stop Defunding Efforts

The voters in Stockton, CA last month elected a mayor who wants to add cops to the department and stop the defunding of the School District Cops. The voters made it clear, by a 60% margin, that they wanted safe streets and a safe community….Enough with the defunding BS. The new Mayor, a Marine vet, […]

Goof Attacks Ex-Girlfriend…Gets Biffed By Mother And Sister

Here’s one that should make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Some idiot got a snoot full and went to his ex squeezes house in South Pasadena, CA. He barged in and viciously attacked his estranged honey-bunny. The victim’s mother and sister would have none of this creeps foolishness. They both grabbed a defensive weapon. […]

Former NFL Bust-Out Demands Cop Killer Be Released…

The widow of slain Philly cop, Danny Faulkner is about to be put though the ringer…again. That’s right kappernick (D-the kneeler) said he wants the killer of Officer Faulkner released. Says evidence is faulty. What? The cop was gunned down in 1981 by a crazed militant. Officer Faulkners last act was to shoot the killer […]

‘Tosa Cop Resigns, Involved In 3 Legit Shootings

Well, we all knew it would happen. Wauwatosa, WI cop Joe Mensah finally resigned from the ‘Tosa PD. Kinda surprised he lasted this long. You may recall Joe was involved in 3 JUSTIFIED shootings. All the cases were reviewed by the former US Attorney for WI and he found no law or policy violations. Guess […]

Seattle Cops Use Super-Duper Loudspeaker…Flakes Say It Hurts Their Ears

The little darlings that were arrested during the many and various “peaceful protests” had the cases thrown out. Why you ask? Good ??. The wimps said they couldn’t hear the police order to disperse. The judges went for it and dismissed a lotta cases. Of course the aclu was involved. The mayor…you know that “summer […]

Activists Sue Detroit…Motown Returns The Favor…Sues Activists

Last week, in response to some frivolous lawsuit by a Detroit activist group and the aclu, also a frivolous group, the city sued the activists! In their lawsuit the goofs allege that numerous members of their organization got a “butt-hurt” by the DPD. They demand that the cops let them burn and loot buildings…just like […]

Minneapolis City Council Wants To Bring In Other Officers To Help Subdue Violent Crime Spike

Ahhh, Minneapolis. That once beautiful city in Minnesota has asked other LE agencies for help. I know this may come as a big surprise but when you cut funding and support for your cops crime will go up. This didn’t seem to matter to the same council that vowed to end the police department and […]

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