Fool Flashes Jogging Former Israeli Soldier

On a beautiful morning last week a former Israeli soldier was out for an early morning jog. Something she does every day, weather permitting. Whilst taking in the sights and the crisp morning air she was approached by a perv. The doofus flashed her…twice. She had trouble seeing what was happening due to the miniature […]

A Warrior’s Tale…Philly Cop Jesse Hartnett

On a cold January night in west Philly officer Jesse Hartnett was stopped at a streetlight. From the shadows a crazed fool, dressed in muslim garb approached his car and fired 17 rounds. Three struck Hartnett in his left arm. Did he run, hide or fight? Hartnett got out of his car, drew his weapon […]

Convicted Judge Gets Jail Time…Throws a Hissy Fit

Last Monday a convicted former judge in Cincinnati was sentenced to 6 months in the county slammer. She had a bit of a breakdown, stiffened up and had to be drug from the courtroom by a deputy She was indicted on 8 felony charges in 2014. Convicted in 2015 and appealed through the numerous court […]

Goof tries To Sell/Hold-Up 2 Off-Duty Cops…Doesn’t End Well For The Bad-Guys.

2 Hernando County (FL) Deputies, in the market for jet skis, saw an ad in a local paper and contacted the supposed seller. The cops went to the location and were confronted by two gun wielding stick-up men who ordered them to “prone out.” Well, big surprise and guess who…the officers pulled their weapons and […]

Chicago Mayor Blames Cops For “Losing The Streets”

Chicago mayor, lori lightfoot (D-Mars) is taking the CPD to task by saying they are “Losing The Streets.” This may be true. Let’s take a look. Lightweight was the president of the Chicago police Board. Under her “brilliant” leadership she instituted a program/agreement with the aclu that, in reality, PREVENTED and PENALIZED cops from making […]

Fugitive Hiding From Cops Farts, Giving His Location

In Liberty MO cops were searching for a chump wanted on a Possession of Controlled Substance warrant. K-9 teams from the Clay County Sheriffs Office along with officers from the Liberty PD searched an area looking for the concealed felon. The silence was broken by a horrendous fart, about 3.2 on the richter scale, emitted […]

Harris CO, TX DA Indicts Officer For Assault

Last week Harris County DA, kim ogg’s office indicted Houston police officer Shane Privett. Charging he used excess force in arresting a drug dealer. The officer used 2 knee strikes to gain compliance and take the career criminal into custody. The dealer complained of a bad arm and asked to be cuffed in front. In […]

Need To Change Attitude…Joe Gramdi Is A Good Start

Joe Gramdi is the president of the Houston (TX) Police Officers Union. He has come out publicity with “Enough is Enough” …calling on city officials and the District Attorney that cops are tired of having a target on their backs. For his stand he was chastised by the chief. We can only suspect that the […]

Goof Hides In Dishwasher, K-9 Uses Him As Chew Bone

In Greenville, SC a man ran from Sheriff’s Deputies and eventually wound up hiding in a discarded dishwasher. A K-9 traced our “criminal du jour” to a dishwasher in someones back yard. The deputies announced that they were going to release the dog if he didn’t come out. Did this jamoke remove himself from his […]

MA Judge Demands Pay While Suspended

A MA judge suspended for helping an illegal alien drug suspect escape ICE is demanding that she be paid during her suspension. When she heard ICE Agents were in the courthouse she and one of her court flunkies intervened. They spirited the thrice deported bad guy out one of their side doors. The suspect beat […]

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