There’s an olsd song i hear in my satellite radio that says…”I been from Kalamazoo to San Berdo, just to get away from you.”

I guess San Berdo just isn’t far enough. The shooting of the totally innocent people , gathered for a Christmas celebration, speaks to the abject crapola we as Americans are subjected to daily from the presidential press core or corps, as the president calls navy medics.

The police hasn’t even cleared the scene and assessed the carnage till ‘ole BO took to the airwaves and began touting new gun control laws. The same baloney we have heard over and over. Isn’t that getting a little stale. Why yes it is, and thank you for asking.

Legislators, state federal and local keep focusing on the same damn thing. Background checks, assault weapons, multi-round capacity magazines. Here’s a news flash folks…IT DOESN’T WORK.

The weapons used by the low life scum bags in San Berdo easily obtained all the weapons and ammo that is specifically prohibited by CA law.

Oh yeah, the area where those fine people were slaughter was a GUN FREE ZONE!!

Just how stupid are our elected representatives…pretty damn stupid.

There are those who say that having armed, concealed carry license holder in the facility would have had no effect on the outcome. Oh yeah, well just how in the hell would anyone know…because no on in the room was armed. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that perhaps the vicious assault on these fine working folks would not have been as tragic as it was. Just a guess but anything would have been an improvement over a “Gun Free Zone.”

As a hard working narcotics and Homicide Detective back in the day the way to prevent crime and clear up cases is through the use of snitches/confidential informants or by what ever name one would wish to call them. Local and State police can and should recruit and utilize informants in order to foresee and prevent this type of terrible situation. The reason I leave the feds out of this is that they have so damn many prohibitions against using snitches when the case involves religion. That’s not to say they (FERDERALIES-in the form of the fbi) will bravely step up to the plate when the operation is taken down and the suspects are in custody. There real good at that.

God Help Us…PEACE.


We all remember our former Attorney general Eric holder. You know, the guy that knew early on that the Michael Brown jr. shooting by Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson was legit. Yet, the top law enforcement officer in the nation REFUSED to tell the public that the offender attempted to grab the officers weapon. That the hands up don’t shoot was totally false and that “eyewhitless” members of the public actually saw the officer stand over the little darling and “empty his clip.”

All of this was totally and fully debunked early on in the investigation. Holder, and his boss, could have and should have told the American people the TRUTH. But NOOOO, they refused. Letting a wounded and divided country marinate in an unknown state. lacking truthful information and the relentless pursuit of untruths the media stirred a segment of the population into a frenzy that resulted in several officer being killed and a number shot or attacked. if not for the bullet resistant vest worn by our brave and resourceful officers the body count would be much higher.

Cometh now our current Attorney General who says she will prosecute anyone who speaks ill of muslims.

While pandering to one muslim group or another she said she would take “aggressive action against anyone who used anti-muslim rhetoric that edges toward violence.” Well isn’t that cute.

If the blm folks can go around chanting death to law enforcement and pigs in a blanket etc. and claim that it is constitutionally protected speech, which is true, then why can’t the good and able taxpayers of this country express their view on radical muslim activities. It only seems fair. And isn’t that constitutionally protected also. Damn sure is.

God help us!! PEACE


Today the first Baltimore police officer goes on trial charged in the death of Freddy Grey.

I just saw the mayor of Baltimore on TV saying the 16.4 million dollar settlement with the Grey family had nothing to do with attempting to sway the jury into thinking that the “super quick” settlement had anything to do with telling the good citizens of Baltimore that the city felt that the death was caused by or allowed to happen by the actions of these six fine officers.

This is the same mayor who said, during the height of the riots, that “…and for those that wanted to destroy, we gave them room to do that.” She then denied it. I guess the TV cameras must have recorded something else. How stupid does she think people are? Pretty damn dumb I suppose.

The judge in this matter prosecuted police officers for the department of justice. maybe this explains why he refused to allow a change of venue. One would wonder just how in the hell anybody could pull twelve impartial juror’s off the city’s voter rolls. The answer is an unqualified…you can’t!!

Seems like jurors will convict, not on the evidence, but rather on the feeling that a not guilty would result in more riots. Riots in a city that has suffered enough under the city’s weak kneed leadership. Leadership that told the officers, while under attack during the riots to “stand down, don’t make any arrests.” in effect, don’t do anything.

Pray for these officers and hope the trial ends in a not guilty verdict. Note to the mayor…they’ll riot anyway. Continue reading “LET THE INQUISITION BEGIN-BALTIMORE POLICE OFFICER ON TRIAL”


Maybe we could all use a laugh or two…STAY SAFE!!


Man, what a night . First, “Paddy’s” then it was a night of sex and debauch at 36DD’s apartment.

Her place is sure the hell a lot nicer than mine. Pictures, flower arrangements, family photographs sat on end tables. You know nieces, nephews. She explained who all the pictures belonged to. Probably more than once. Yeah, yeah sure nice, yeah there real cute. Hey listen DD I’m a horny old letch so lets stop with the who’s who and get down to “bidness.”

Diane Daniel’s AKA 36DD does not disappoint.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Ronnie Blade, a vicious, evil, straight razor totein’ scumbag got got.

Ole’ Ronnie lad, in the process of ripping off a dope hole managed to shoot and kill one of St. Louis’s finer citizens.

He got nabbed by a couple sharp beat cops in the area. Heard the ruckus headed to the source, saw Ronnie hot footin’ down the sidewalk and viloa’.

Ronnie, known to all cops in the 19th and adjacent districts, is good for at least three murders. In reality, many more.

The chump always skated on the charges. Why you may inquire..good question.

In the ‘hood nobody sees or hears anything. Like the Richard Prior Jessie and cool breeze routine…”Office, I been blind fo’ fifty’ years…I anin’t seen notin’ till yaall came through that door.”
Great stuff from a funny man.

Upon completion of the booking process, Mr. Blade cooled his heels in the holding cell.

We just finished rounding up witness for a burglary case. Got the warrants issued, headed back to the barn.

I parked our trusty battered, beaten detective car in the LT’s spot. “Where in the hell is Nate…it’s only a little after two and his car’s gone. Hell, he never sticks his nose outta’ his office.”

Ian drug his sorry ass into the district. I wasn’t far behind.

I glanced to the south parking lot. A bunch a trustees from the jail washed cars. Nate’s car in the rotation to be washed.

Ah, ha..so the dip shit’s still in his office. The office, coke machine, coffee pot or the john. How on earth did that turkey get to be a LT…he’s afraid of his shadow. Oh well in a bureaucracy everyone rises to their level of inefficiency. Damn, ole’ Natie boy should be the chief if that’s the case.

What’s the matter with you Richie lad..all I want is to put the finishing touches on the paper work and book on ‘oughta this popsicle stand. Maybe give 36DD a shout, see what’s cookin’.

I hustled to the building, went upstairs, droped the load of paperwork on my desk.

Deshawn and Sal, a couple of street wise detectives chatted in the corner. When I walked in Deshawn looked over. “Hey Rich, Ian ya wanna have a little fun?”

“Sure, what “ya got in mind?”
“Couple a street dawgs nabbed that baddass Ronnie Blade. Nate’s still in his office chewing on Rolaids, watching the clock an going over all that stuff he’s got about Florida.”

“Put the two together for me Deshawn.”

“Thought we’d drag Ronnie’s sorry ass into Nate’s office, gently place his no good buttin in one a those creaky ass chairs and begin a not to gentle interrogation.”

“Does the Natester know about Ronnie.”

“Hey Richie my man, Nate don’t know shit ‘bout no police work. My trusted shill, Sal is in the process of giving Nate the somewhat puffed up resume of the felon du jour.”

Jeeze, do I wanna get involved in this or do I just want to go home ride my bike, grab a shower…Hell no.

“Yeah, me an Ian are all in.”

The three of us headed to Nate’s office.

Sal brought the bad guy in, slammed his butt into one of the chairs.

“Hey man these cuff hurt my hands, why don’t yaall thame ‘em off…or ya scared to?

Deshawn, a hulking black detective said, “ya sho nuf, ya little popcorn pimp I’ll take ‘em off.”

“Man, yall’ can’t talk to me like that..community relation an all.”

“I jst did, bye the bye the Community would be a hell of a lot better off if you were in Washington cemetery or the bottom a the Mississippi river or where ever you wind up.”

Ronnie started to get up from the chair. He is pissed. Eyes bulged, lower lip quivered, his muscular frame tensed.

Deshawn pushed the doofus back into the chair. “Hey asshole, I didn’t tell you ta get up did I?”

Nate damn near swallowed that stinkin’ pipe he always had in his mouth. He knew he didn’t want anything to do with this. He hustled the papers on his desk to one side. “I’ve got a meeting to go to downtown, I can’t stay here.”

In the haste to leave ‘ole Natie boy jumped up from his chair. His Glock, which we were all sure had never been fired except for the range popped out of his holster. Quite possibly from Nate forgetting to secure his weapon after one of his frequent trips to the john. That irritable bowl syndrome seems to be getting worse everyday.

Nate, inadvertently struck the pistol with one of his wingtip shoes. The Glock zipped across the room. It stopped to the right of the chair occupied by Ronnie. It sat on the floor, spinning.

Ronnie looked down at the pistol, making it last revolution, crossed his arms, clicked his teeth and said “Oh no, I ain’t fallin’ for that one!!”


During these turbulent times with citizens and Police Officers clashing more and more let’s all take just a moment to dial this whole thing down just a notch or two.

Everyone has a cause, a real or perceived threat or affront. Some just want to experience the thrill of becoming involved in a protest of some sort or another. OK, we all agree with the individual liberties guaranteed to the citizens of America. That’s a given.

Let’s all just take a step back and a deep breath. Re-consider just what in the world is going on and enjoy at least, one day, a day we can visit with friend and families and reflect on what the hell is going on.

PEACE…we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


They’re at it again. That’s right the perpetually offended and long suffering students at Americas finer institutes of higher learning keep getting slammed with racial degradation.

Two recent cases come to mind. The first takes place at Vanderbilt. Seems a BLIND student was at the black cultural center studying for a class when her seeing eye dog had to taken care of business. She led the dog outside and put the doggie doo in a baggie, as she normally does. Not being familiar with the area and unable to find a trash can she left the baggie and it’s contents on the steps.

The offended crowd immediately took umbrage and proclaimed this action to be a deliberate hate crime. An act designed to harass and intimidate black students and get their panties in a wad.

Upon finding the truth the black student leaders apologized.

The second calamity comes to us from Michigan Tech where a black student made death threats to all black students. The threat was made on a dubious site called yik-yak.

The school took the necessary precautions, as it should, and classes canceled for a day. Upon finding out the rapscallion doing the deed was a black student all the information published via news outlets made an effort to not reveal the students race.

These things are really getting out of hand. The bogus threats. The need for black students to have a “safe space’ where they can decompress blah, blah.

Maybe before everybody goes ballistic on these silly things they should try to check out the activity to determine what really happened. No, that’s probably too much to ask of these folks. After all they are in college.

In the immortal words of that great American, Rodney King…”Can’t we all just get along.”


What. The 1st Amendment creates a hostile and unsafe learning environment?

The pampered and placated students are protesting the freedom of speech?

That constitutional right is the one that allows the silly, unrealistic protests to happen. Aren’t these kids in college? One must wonder what they are being taught.

Let’s take a look back for just a second. The protests of the 60’s had real causes. Today’s protesters are grasping at phony causes and ginning up pseudo grievances like a poop swastika drawn in a bathroom and Halloween costumes. It would seem that the spoiled students are protesters in search of a cause. Agitators in search of a target. That poop swastika has bounced around the internet for a few years. Additionally, the swastika is a symbol used to intimidate Jews, not blacks.

These misguided folks are intolerant in the name of tolerance.

The Paris tragedy that has dominated the news recently incurred the wrath of the student “leaders” and others as having overshadowed their “cause” and fight for blah, blah, blah.

If and when these students graduate and find themselves in the workplace one must wonder if their sniveling self centered mindset will play well. Probably not.

Maybe everyone should dial it down a notch or two and engage in meaningful conversation. What a plan!!


Ok, so the bratty students at MIZZOU hounded the president and a couple other weak-kneed administrators out of whatever lofty, high minded positions they held. Maybe they just said they’ve had enough of all the whining and crying about…about what? Nothing really.

Claims of a feces swastika written on a shower somewhere. A student allegedly insulted by a racial slur. Demands made on the governance of the once proud university. Everybody caves. Including the football coach. One must wonder if the coach and the team would have been so quick to jump into the students hissy fit had the team record been 9-0. Probably not.

Then the students set up a reporter-free zone. A professor of touchy feely attempts to remove a photo-journalist from the area and asks for some “muscle” to help her in this silly quest.

Then some of the black students set up a “black only healing space.” A tweet was “asking white students to leave.” Some black students wanted a black only area…in the words of some activist or another…”a black only healing space for the students to share, decompress, be vulnerable & real.” WHAT??

This is merely an extension of the Ferguson effect where certain aspects of our society feel empowered as a result of the Shooting of Michael Brown Jr. and the rioting that followed, empowered by the bending, placating and capitulation of our political leaders to the actions of the “peaceful protesters.” Peaceful indeed.

More later…gotta catch blogtalk radio..Law Enforcement and Supporters of Media Accountability. On every day 11:30-1:00 EDT
Call 347-850-8154 to join in. See you soon and STAY SAFE!!

Michael Brown Jr. Didn’t Have to Die – Criminal Empowerment

Shortly after the shooting death of Michael Brown Jr. he was lionized in print and video media. More importantly, in social media. Unarmed black kid, murdered by a white racist cop.

Not so. Michael Brown Jr had, as is the current vernacular, issues. Bold and overbearing disrespect for authority. His grandmother tried to rein him in. No luck. He ran with the pack. Left to his own, and others devices he spiraled out of control. Weed, colt .45 and a circle of friends that had no mission in life but to get high and cause trouble.

If he wanted to cause a stink and bring law enforcement attention to himself all he had to do was rip off a store and attempt to disarm an officer. What on earth did he think would happen?

I recently had the opportunity to listen to some of his gangster rap. Total BS. Lyrics that don’t rhyme about killing, taking drugs, drinking and ho’s. Wow.

Michael Brown Jr. Didn’t Have to Die

Hostile, violent and deadly. Thirty seconds on the afternoon of August 9, 2014. Ferguson Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown Jr’s lives intersect.

This snapshot in time threw the country into a long period of turmoil and upheaval.

What really occurred? How did this happen? Could anything have been done to prevent the trying times that befell our nation?

The “Ferguson Effect” continues to impact our republic.

Want to know what really happened? Check out my new book, “Michael Brown Jr Didn’t Have to Die,” Available soon at Amazon.com.

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