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Minneapolis has been a policing “Hot Spot” for the last month or so. Cops under fire for doing/not doing something. No leadership from the city or state. Now the city wants to ELIMINATE the department.

One deep thinker said,”We are close to a safe, thriving city without police. We can start a new vision of community safety with a”holistic” (whatever that is) approach.

OK, the governing authorities want you out. Give it to them. Check out indeed.com. Just enter Lateral Entry Police Officer in the search box. You’ll come up with 225 agencies looking for cops. Boarder to boarder, coast to coast the nation is hungry for experienced police officers. Some of the more notable…

Dallas, Honolulu, Cobb County, GA, Scottsdale, AZ, Anchorage(burr)

Charlotte, NC, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Baltimore (Think twice about that one.)

If you don’t want to leave Minnesota there’s plenty of departments, in state, that would be glad to have your experience.

You owe it to yourself and your family to, at least, explore the options rather than being trashed by city leaders and “activists.”




Published by Ken Dye

Having grown up in Missouri, Ken Dye graduated from Northeastern Missouri State University (now Truman State University) and served his country. When he returned to St. Louis, he joined the St. Louis County Police Department and served in the tactical operations unit, as an undercover narcotics and homicide detective, and with the intelligence bureaus. After 13 years, he moved to Chicago to work with the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority. He is the author of three books: two crime novels, Shadow of the Arch and Beyond the Shadow of the Arch and Michael Brown, Jr. didn’t have to die, a non-fiction narrative. For more information about the author, visit www.KenJDye.com.

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  1. Most departments have spent great amounts of time and money to locate, find and recruit minority police offices. I’m absolutely positive that current officers with the Minneapolis Department will find many available positions open in other states and localities. In fact I’m sure you will find great improvement in the working conditions and a mush better salary as a reward.

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