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Last week Harris County DA, kim ogg’s office indicted Houston police officer Shane Privett. Charging he used excess force in arresting a drug dealer. The officer used 2 knee strikes to gain compliance and take the career criminal into custody. The dealer complained of a bad arm and asked to be cuffed in front. In an act of total kindness the officer attempted to cuff him in front.

The bad guy began to violently resist…guess that shoulder wasn’t so bad after all.

HPOU President Joe Gamaldi in support of indicted police officer

As with all UOF incidents the case was reviewed by the departments Internal Affairs and the Independent Review Board. Both EXONERATED the officer of any department or criminal violations.

Enter kim “Turn ‘Em Lose” ogg, the Harris County DA, who ordered the indictment.

Cometh now Joe Gamaldi, the HPOU President who, in a public statement said, “He did nothing wrong and we will defend him with all resources available.”

Joe is a candidate for the Vice President of the FOP. An excellent choice. A fighter who will not let the “system” bulldoze cops doing the best they can with what they’ve got.

It would be wise for the DA to review the actions of the St. Louis Circuit Attorney when she decided to take former officer to trial in the shooting death of a drug dealer going for a weapon.

Will the lunacy ever stop…yes with strong leadership. Ya know, like Joe Gamaldi.




Published by Ken Dye

Having grown up in Missouri, Ken Dye graduated from Northeastern Missouri State University (now Truman State University) and served his country. When he returned to St. Louis, he joined the St. Louis County Police Department and served in the tactical operations unit, as an undercover narcotics and homicide detective, and with the intelligence bureaus. After 13 years, he moved to Chicago to work with the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority. He is the author of three books: two crime novels, Shadow of the Arch and Beyond the Shadow of the Arch and Michael Brown, Jr. didn’t have to die, a non-fiction narrative. For more information about the author, visit www.KenJDye.com.

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