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Don’t Be Swingin’ At Memphis Cops

Last week some dodo was arrested for making a scene at a famous Memphis restaurant.   The cops arrived and asked the unruly patron to leave the Blues City Cafe on world famous Beale Street.

Like a lot of drunks he protested and continued to disturb the Blues patrons.  He was escorted off the premises and pushed an officer.  He then, foolishly, tried to swing at one of the cops…bad idea.  Bad idea indeed.

Aftermath of picking a fight with a Memphis police officer. Not a good idea.

The officer punched the violator on the right side of his face and sent him sprawling to the ground.

Both  the officer and the suspect were taken to an area hospital where they were treated and released.

The ‘Dumbass” was booked for a number of offences and had a hell of a hangover and a screwed up face when he sobered up.

There’s a lesson in this…Don’t Be Swingin’ At No Memphis Cops, it’s hazardous to you’re health.

The cop, when asked what happened to his hand said, “I hit it on something stupid.

Hat’s off to the MPD and all who “Serve and Protect.”


Wild Chase/Shootout By Las Vegas PD

LVMPD shootoutUnless you’ve been under a rock or in a coma I’m sure you’ve seen the video of the LVMPD cop who chased down 2 murder suspects.  That is, pursuing the suspects whilst shooting through the windshield of his marked unit.

Oh yeah, just in case those non-cops think it’s just horrible to shoot from a moving police car, at a fleeing felon check this out.

The vehicle being pursued was just involved in a homicide.  As the officer attempted to pull the vehicle over they took off.  In doing so these wipes fired a number of shots at the police car.  Officer William Umana returned fire.  Shooting at the car through his open driver’s side window and his windshield.

The car was eventually stopped after it careened into an elementary school.  The driver was killed the passenger’s not doing so well either.  Both of these chumps have/had a lengthy and violent record of convictions.

A BIG”Cop’s Perspective” tip o’ the hat to Officer Umana who has the heart, mindset and grapes of a warrior.

May god bless the men and women of the LVMPD and all those who “Serve and Protect.”


Would Be Rapist Picks Wrong Victim

In Lawrence County TN, the wife of a Sheriffs Deputy was attacked by a scumbag who attempted to rape the 5′ 3″ woman.  Oh yeah, she weighs about 100 pounds.

During the attack she managed to take the goofs knife away and stabbed him  several times.  She also bit him on the chest leaving a doozie of an imprint.

She broke free and called 911.  The suspect was arrested and claimed that he was forced to commit the crime.  Sure you were.WISH,TN,A,LAWRENCE COUNTY SHERIFF 1

This wipe was just released 3 days earlier from the Lawrence County jail after being booked for a number of violent felonies.  He has a long and violent history with Law Enforcement.

The Sheriff was bombarded with quires asking why they let this guy out of jail.  The Sheriff replied that he doesn’t set bonds…judges do.  Please redirect your e-mails and comments to the judges.

Wake up you black robed upholder of the law.  Some folks shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets and this jerk sounds like one!

After the ordeal the Deputy’s wife was treated and released from a local hospital…the suspect wasn’t so lucky.  He was admitted in serious condition.  Too bad he wasn’t 10-7, with mileage.

Maybe this guy needs to be placed in the joint where he won’t be able to terrorize others.

Great job Mrs. Deputy!!


Cop Killer, Served 2 Life Terms, Up For Parole

I guess New York isn’t the only place where they parole cop killers.  So does Missouri.  A jerk who killed 3 people, one being a Florissant, MO DET SGT has served his 2 life terms.  What?  Is this SOB still alive?  Since he is he has NOT served his 2 life terms.  He hasn’t even served one.

In 1979, elmer hayes, escaped from the MO DOC and robbed a bank, raped a young girl and shot DET SGT Jay Noser.  SGT Noser died 8 years later but suffered until he died.  hayes also killed a man and his wife in Washington, County MO and was doing life on that charge when he escaped.florissant

hayes has been a model prisoner with few write ups.  Well isn’t that special.  He says he wants to get out of prison so he doesn’t have to die in the joint.  Tough bananas dude.  By you’re hand you sentenced three good and honest souls to death.  Don’t think it’s too much to demand that hayes dies in custody and buried in the prisoners graveyard.

If this ticks you off as much as me please contact the MO Board of Probation and Parole @ 573-751-8488 or e-mail @

Tell them your against the parole of elmer hayes!!




OR Deputies Stop Helping In Arrest After Realizing They Were Helping ICE

What in the world in going on in Oregon?  2 ICE agents were taking a subject into custody at the Washington County Courthouse after the wanted jamoke made an appearance for 4, that’s right, 4 NEW felonies.

Since OR has been a sanctuary state for a number of years and the officials get their panties in a wad if a bad guy is removed from the state by ICE or Homeland Security, the ICE agents masqueraded as cops wanting to arrest the offender.ICE Badge_0042-nr

He was taken into custody outside the courthouse.  As soon as the deputies found out the arresting officers were ICE agents they distanced themselves from the matter.  Writing reports indicating they didn’t know the cops were ICE agents.

The governator, kate brown-D (Outer Space) said”…I’ll do everything to insure the rights of all Oregonians are protected” She was, of course, referring to the illegal.  How about the rights of the Oregonians who’s lives have been negatively impacted by these criminals?

The main and dominate duty of elected officials is public safety.  Oregonians are short changed by this law and the failure to assist in removing criminals from our country.

I just read the Oregon Law Enforcement Officers oath of office.  It says “That I will uphold the constitution and the laws of the United States…”

Maybe everybody in law enforcement needs to review that oath.




Old Cops Swing Into Action-Subdue bad Guy With A “Less Lethal” Can Of Beans

The Bay County FL Sheriff, Chief Deputy and a Major were on their way to lunch.  The radio crackled with a desperate call for a guy in a grocery store who had fired a shot and was terrorizing customers.

The three cops pulled into the parking lot and quickly entered the store.  They soon saw the cause of the commotion.  A goof wielding a hammer whilst holding it like a gun.  The shooting, an overreaction by a frightened patron.bay county

The three cops approached the violator and attempted to employ “deescalation” tactics…to no avail.

The bad guy rushed the Sheriff and Chief Deputy.  The Major grabbed a can of Bush’s B-B-Q beans and slung it at the deranged suspect.  Not finished, he hurled a few more cans and the assailant was quickly detained.

The Major later told a local news outlet, “My thought was I could take these and hit him and they’re not going to kill him, and it should get his attention away from the Sheriff and Chief Deputy and they could apprehend him.”

His quick thinking strategy paid off.

The goof was transported to a hospital where he was treated for being “beaned.”

He was booked for Aggravated Stupidity as well as a number of other offences.

Great work by three old cops who swung into action and saved the day for shoppers and other citizens.

Carry on gentlemen!



Baltimore States Attorney Strikes Again

In a juvenile courtroom in Baltimore some little gangbanger is charged with GTA.

The state’s attorney and the public defender discuss what should be done with this little weasel.  The state’s attorney, after some serious chin rubbing, decides that giving the defendant another chance would be inline with marilyn mosby’s directives on giving offender’s the benefit of the doubt.  In most instances probation and community service are more “restorative” (whatever that is) than detention.mosbyll

The attorney representing the people of Baltimore and the public defender agree that this lad deserves another chance.  Never mind that he is an adept and frequent car thief and burglar.  Additionally, never mind that this bozo has NEVER adhered to home confinement and electronic monitoring.  The right thing to do…release him to home confinement.  “Damn, these folks are easy,” he thinks.  “All the BS I’ve been in and I get home confinement.  Not for long.”

Later that day he and his posse steal a Jeep and head to Baltimore County to practice their burglary skills.

An alert citizen calls the constabulary advising a suspicious occupied auto.

Baltimore County police officer Amy Caprio is dispatched to investigate the call.  A short time latter she is run over and killed by this chump who should have been in custody.

The killer was soon apprehended and a judge at his initial hearing said to the defense attorney…”Your client is a one man crime wave, I’m not sure there’s a facility secure enough to hold him.”

All this grief could have been avoided if marilyn’s minions would only demanded that he be detained.



Let’s Get In Front Of These School Shootings

It happened again.  This time in Santa Fe, TX.  That’s right another goof wanted to shoot up the school.

First off, let’s not publicize this jerk.  Too much appeal to the next weak minded trolls who long for their 15 minutes…at the expense of other kids.,  Not acceptable.SF high school

This one really bothers me, as it should you.  usa today actually was thankful that this mopeass used “less lethal” weapons.  “Otherwise the death toll would be much higher.”  Let’s get this straight, any firearm is a lethal weapon.  Less lethal refers to weapons like “Tasers” and rubber bullets.

The “eggheads” will tell us we must look at the psychological make up of the individual(s), ones propensity for this type of act and a lotta other dribble that is theoretical in nature.  Will it prevent another incident like the latest one?  Probably not.

Here’s something that will prevent this carnage, harden the target.  Pretty simple but the push back from the “it’s a violation of my rights'” crowd is inevitable.

Well, here’s a bulletin for those folks.  The rights being violated, if any, aren’t going to do the person much good if they are dead.

Just like flying or entering a public building, limit the enterance/exit points and have everybody go through a metal detector.

I can hear the howls now.  “It’s too expensive…it won’t work, how are we going to pay for this, etc. ”

Well nothing else has worked so let’s get with the program.  I damn sure don’t want my grand kids going to school wondering if  they’ll be the next national news headline.

A tip of the “Cop’s Perspective” hat to David Shaulis for his thoughtful input.


Justice Denied-Cop Killer Released

Sorry I haven’t posted lately.  Had my left shoulder rearranged and couldn’t type.  All better so let’s roll!

Keeping up with police news I was disheartened to learn that a vicious, heartless cop killer had been released from the NY prison system.  herman bell, responsible for the murders of NYPD officers Lauri and Foster in  in addition to others that couldn’t be “proved up” in court.fosterlauri

bell, a founding member of the black liberation army, along with his co-hearts were responsible for the killings of NYPD officers in 1972.  He was eventually captured and given a life sentence.  But, alas, he’s found god, changed his life and is remorseful for his past deeds.  Oh yeah, the parole board thinks he’s no longer a threat to society.  Well, isn’t that sweet?

After the murders of the NYPD officers this band of traveling thugs made their way to St. Louis.  They were stopped by STLMPD officers Larry Tinnell and Rich “Frenchie” Archumbalt and damn near became a “statistic.”

After a running gun battle the assassins were captured.  The duty weapons from slain NYPD officers were recovered, pretty much proving that these guys were some bad ass dudes.

The St. Louis cops went to New York and testified in the trial of bell and others.

A friend of mine, former St. Louis PD Detective Larry Tinnell said that while they were in NY they met with the NYPD Chief of Detectives who told him that…”They were the only cops who lived after stopping these guys.”

Let’s hope we don’t go back to the bloody 70’s where in 1974, 284  police officers were killed in the line of duty.