2nd Best B-Baller Asks Akron PD To Solve A Murder…

LeBron (I hate cops)James, in a recent tweet, called upon the Akron PD to solve the murder of the daughter of his friend. He also pleaded with “His City” to find out who did this terrible deed and took this sweet, loving angle from our midst… Hey, Labron, “sweet, young angles”are taken every day. To […]

Things Old Cops Should Tell Rookies

I just read a post in Police One by that great police writer Tim Dees. I’d like to share some items Tim mentioned. Kinda gives an insight into how a rookie cop makes that gradual transition into an effective and compassionate law Enforcement Officer. Thanks Tim! You’ll meet all sorts of people you want to […]

Amazon Refuses To Stream “What Killed Michael Brown?”

Black filmmaker and Stanford professor Dr Shelby Steele was told his film, “What Killed Michael brown” would not be streamed on amazon. Dr Steele was disappointed that his film would not be shown. Why you ask? Because it told the truth about the death of Michael Brown Jr. The film, based on grand jury testimony, […]

‘Tosa Police Officer Not Charged In Shooting Death Of “Jr. Gangster” The “Rent A Mob” Throws A Fit.

The Milwaukee County DA announced that ‘Tosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah will NOT be charged in the FEB shooting of a goof who fired his gun at officers. The weapon and an extended magazine were recovered at the scene. (See “cops perspective” dtd 7/24/20 and 8/24/20) Officer Mensah was involved in three shootings where the […]

Cop Shooter Released From Prison caught Flippin’ Dope…No Bond

Attention all you scumbag dope dealers. Go to NY. Do your business, get caught and immediately get released. In Rochester a goof released from the DOC after serving 7 years for shooting a cop. After the intense rehabilitation and finding god he’s turned lose on the streets. To do what? To sell the devil’s urine. […]

Bend, OR takes Blue Line Off Police cars. Chief Says…”It’s Divisive.”

Another chief has “caved” to the most sensitive members of our society. After a few residence of Bend, OR said they were “offended” by the blue strip on the police cars. The chief did what every weak kneed and spineless chief would do. That’s right, he ordered that the thin blue line on the cars […]

Minneapolis Mayor And Council Ask “Where Are The Cops?”

Check out John Jay Wiley’s new podcasts, “True Crime Fighters” Told as only John can tell. One of Americas best purveyor’s of crime and cop stories. Also check out Law Enforcement Today, a great cop page! Now, on to the beautiful, if brunt city of Minneapolis. You know, the city that voted to disband it’s […]

Denver Cop Files Complaint Against Mouthy “Alderboob”

Last August cops were clearing a homeless encampment and moving the squatters to shelters for appropriate medical and mental health services. One of Denver’s goofy council members showed up and began berating the officers. Calling them “F*^k*$% pigs” and other undignified and skanky names and gestures. She even refereed to a black cop using the […]

Portland Cops Arrest Arsonist…After A Short Stay, He’s Released…

Portland cops taking a break from the “peaceful rioters” apprehended a guy starting fires in a residential area. He also attempted to burn a grassy area near a state forest. Guess he thought there wasn’t enough forest fires. OK, the goof gets popped and goes before a judge. Since OR is a no/low bail state […]

VA House Passes Bill To Delete Officers From “Qualified Immunity”

Virginia legislators in the house of delegates passed a bill to take away the “Qualified Immunity” from Police Officers. What does this mean? Good ??. “Qualified Immunity” is the protection given to cops saying they cannot be personally sued by some creep. Even if the officer did not break any laws. I think we can […]

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