2 Rookies Fired From San Antonio PD After Running Away From Gunfight

2 probes were riding with a SAPD SGT at around 3:00 AM last week. The SGT took a call about an out of control family member. When the cops arrived they got information from the parents…”Can’t do anything with Jr.” “OK we’ll take care of it.” When the SGT opened the door to the bedroom […]

79 Year Old Grandma Holds Burglar Who Hides Until Cops Save Him

I just love these kind of stories. In Commerce,CA a 20 year old home invader was shot at and detained by a 79 year old grandmother. The homeowner was visiting with a friend when they heard a ruckus at the back door. The grandma went to get her guns whilst her friend called the constabulary. […]

CPD Chief Bashes Actor on Bogus Hate Crime Report

A talented actor making “Grand Theft” money stages a phony assault. The usual baloney, black male, gay, semi-famous set upon by some white guys wearing MAGA hats, putting a noose around his neck and splashing him with bleach. They said “This is MAGA country.” Let’s see, middle of January, cold, wearing MAGA in the “Streeterville” […]

6 Year Old With Terminal Cancer Sworn In As Police Officer

In Freeport, TX 6 year old Abigail who is battling terminal cancer was sworn in as a police officer. The Chief’s voice broke as he read the oath of office to Abigail…”I will keep fighting until all of my cancer is gone” the oath concluded. Abigail’s doctors said “it’s time for her to enjoy some […]

Killer Of St. Louis County Cop Found Guilty

Last Friday a jury in St. Louis County, MO found the cold-blooded killer of St. Louis County police officer Blake Snyder guilty of first degree murder. Snyder was answering a disturbance call in October, 2016 when he was shot and killed by weak minded troll. The prosecutor said in closing arguments that the killer was […]

Houston Chief Blasts HPD Union President

In a recent news conference the chief of the Houston PD had some unkind words for the HPD Union President, Joe Gamaldi. At the presser, the chief said Joe shouldn’t have made those “incendiary” comments about the “activist community.” During this love fest, the chief was almost blowing kisses to the representatives of (insert your […]

Houston Police Officers Union President On Execution of HPD Cop Killer

On the evening of Jan 30th, 2019, Robert Jennings, a heartless, soul-less thug was executed for the cold-blooded murder of HPD officer Elston Howard in July, 1988. Officer Howard was working the vice detail and was in the process of arresting a peep-show operator. Jennings entered and summarily shot this fine man twice in the […]

Houston P.D. Union President Says “Enough Is Enough”

Guess everyone saw the near slaughter in Houston where 5 cops were shot. Two officers remain in the hospital in critical condition. In the aftermath of this situation, Houston PD union president Joe Gramadi held a news conference and said…”Enough is enough, we’ll take note of those that sully the good name and reputation of […]

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