Cop Wanna-be, Busted By real Cop

In Albuquerque, NM an officer on routine patrol noticed a car pulled over. The car that pulled the vehicle over was not a standard patrol or detective car. This just didn’t look right. The officer pulled up and began to speak with the 18 yo goof. He had a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s badge on his […]

Philly Cop Killer Gets Another Shot At An Appeal

In Dec, 1981 Officer Faulkner was shot and killed by westly cook, who changed his name to mumia abu jamal. When translated means “cowardly back shooter.” Enter the Philly DA who wants to have this chump appeal his sentence. As a twice convicted felon and given the death penalty it’s only right that this fool […]

NY Times Op-Ed Says Cops Are The Problem-Not the Solution

In an op-ed published recently by two worldly scholars, darecka parnell and marbe stahly-something said the “Cops are not the solution but rather the problem.” Citing the 1994 crime bill , signed into law by Bill “Bubba” Clinton as the reason for the prison overcrowding and the folly of “Mass Incarceration.” These overcrowded prisons are […]

Flint MI Chief Involved In Shootout…No Cops Hurt, 1 Badguy Shot

Flint,MI Chief Tim Johnson was “on the street” last month when he and other officers heard a volley of shots. Did the Chief take off in the opposite direction…NO. He and the other cops confronted the shooting fools. After being told to knock off the BS one of the doofuses pointed his weapon at the […]

Alderboob caught On Mic Saying “We’ve Given Him 1 Million…” About Wounded/Paralyzed Deputy. All NOT True!

In Georgetown, KY an alderman was heard saying to another “…We gave him a million dollars, what more does he want?” This was picked up on a “hot” mic as well as the public access TV channel. The city has given nothing! The suit in question , filed by Scott County Deputy Jamie Morales, who […]

STL Cop Subject Of Internal Affairs Probe After Newspaper Prints Op-Ed

And the hits just keep on comin.’ In late August a STL police officer wrote a FB post of a most violent day. The piece started with a 16YO kid who shot at a cop. The offender caught without any further incidents. Then he was off to a riot at a football scrimmage. This resulted […]

STL Cops Shoot 4-Time Felon, Circuit Atty Says “Cops Shouldn’t Have Intervened”

Last Thursday 2 STL cops working a high crime area saw a bunch of people hanging around a car. They stopped to investigate and attempted to arrest the 4-time felon who had marijuana and other drugs in plain view. Whilst attempting to arrest this goof he attempted to pull a gun. He was rendered DRT(dead […]

Smollett’s Atty’s Say Cop’s Shouldn’t Have Investigated So Vigorously

Smollett’s attorney’s went to court recently to try to stop the City’s lawsuit to recover police overtime. The suit is asking for $130,000 to cover the cost of the investigation. Is that all they’ve got? Guess so. Here’s a newsflash for his attorney’s… if this little pampered, overpaid weasel hadn’t made this outrageous claim he […]

CA Gov Sign Law Not Requiring Citizens To Help Police Officer

CA govenator newsom (D-Three Card Monty) has signed into law a bill that doesn’t require citizens to help an officer in need of aide. Didn’t know it was a requirement. The next thing you know he’ll sign a bill making it a felony to HELP an officer. Some of the brilliant pols came up with […]

Chicago’s Gun Database Shows Who’s Been Arrested/Charged With Gun Crime’s…The left Howls.

Chicago’s Mayor and Chief Eddy Johnson recently announced a database where citizens could see who had recently been arrested for a gun crime. The site is available through the CPD’s website and shows gun crime offenders. CPD’s Chief said they were trying to inject some degree of transparency into the “run and gun” mentality of […]