Houston Police Officers Union President On Execution of HPD Cop Killer

On the evening of Jan 30th, 2019, Robert Jennings, a heartless, soul-less thug was executed for the cold-blooded murder of HPD officer Elston Howard in July, 1988. Officer Howard was working the vice detail and was in the process of arresting a peep-show operator. Jennings entered and summarily shot this fine man twice in the […]

Houston P.D. Union President Says “Enough Is Enough”

Guess everyone saw the near slaughter in Houston where 5 cops were shot. Two officers remain in the hospital in critical condition. In the aftermath of this situation, Houston PD union president Joe Gramadi held a news conference and said…”Enough is enough, we’ll take note of those that sully the good name and reputation of […]

Ex-NFL Linebacker Catches Peeping Tom

In Wellington FL former NFL linebacker Tony Beckham was walking to his car. He saw a man looking into his 14 YO daughter’s window. He thought this to be a bit strange because the man had his pants down and was masturbating. Beckham hollered, “Hey what are you doing?” The startled peeper took off. As […]

Students Claim Murdered Officer’s Photo With Blue Lives Matter Flag is “RACIST”

Last week Davis, CA police officer Natalie Corona was gunned down by a local “wack job” who ambushed her while she was attending to a traffic accident. Pretty routine call for any cop. The suspect was quickly ID’d. As police were attempting to make contact, he killed himself…pity. Soon, pictures of this lovely young officer […]

K-9 Ignores Gunshot Wound To Take Down Shooter

In Anderson, CA police attempted to stop the driver of a “Rollin’ Stolen.” Did he stop? Of course not. After a short chase, the pursued vehicle crashed and the driver took off with K-9 “Chance” hot on his heels. The suspect then turned and shot the fur missile. “Chance” continued and caught the offender which […]

Blue Lives Matter Christmas Trees give kids a Christmas.

Author and retired detective and his wife donate Blue Lives Matter Christmas tree raises funds for needy children to have a Christmas.

Goof Runs Himself Over Whilst Fleeing Cops

And now, from the shallow end of the gene pool…cops in happy Valley, OR were called to a suspicious person looking into cars. The constabulary arrives and the guy is found laying flat in the front seat of his car.  When an officer shines his light on the guy he sits up straight and takes […]

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