Marjory Stoneman Douglas H S Commission And The LE Response

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gaultieri chairman of the MSD Commission investigating the horrific shooting at that school last year launched into the LE response. This is the one we’ve been waiting for.  On the second day of the hearings the LE response was laid bare.  The net result, a terrific failure by the Broward County […]

College Footballer Arrested, Sues Cops, Claims It Kept Him From The NFL

In Pullman, WA, WSU football player got arrested for attempting to purchase wine and malt liquor with a bogus $20 bill. When the cops arrived he made a big brew-ha-ha and fought with the officers.  The misdemeanor “actin’ the fool” charges were later dismissed. Upon seeking and finding a high moral lawyer the “victim” sued […]

Philly Cop, Shot In Leg, Chases Down, Arrests Shooter

Recently 2 Philly cops observed 2 men crouched behind a car.  One of the desperadoes was armed with a hand gun. The officers got out to investigate and one of the bad guys opened fire.  Striking one of the officers in the leg.  Did this make the cop stop and access his wound…why no.  He […]

Bogus Sexual Assault Claim Against Deputy Proven False

A female desperado was recently picked up for shoplifting at a Target store in Palm Beach County (FL).  OK, happens all the time. After being booked into the Palm Beach County jail she claimed that the arresting deputy assaulted her.  A detective responded and was told that the officer “groped” her during a pat-down search […]

Illegal Immigrant Kills 3 After “Sanctuary” Release

It’s happened again and will happen over and over unless these “Sanctuary” locations come to their senses.  Come to their senses…how silly. This time the immigrant was released from the Middlesex County jail in New Jersey.  Was there an ICE detainer, yes…was it honored, no, of course not because some politicos think that illegals have […]

County Commissioner Demand Cops Let Him Cut Through Procession For Murdered Police Officer

A Gwinnett County (GA) comissioner, tommy hunter,demanded he be allowed to cut through a cops funeral procession. A Gwinnett County Police Officer who was gunned down by a ruthless, heartless thug was being escorted to his final resting place. The officers refused and the jerk became enraged.  Cursing at the cops and demanding that they […]

Multnomah Sheriff (Think Portland) Releases Illegal Immigrant Who Murders His Wife

Sheriff mike reese (D-I don’t cooperate with ICE) is at it again.  This time he released an illegal immigrant who was in jail for felony Domestic Abuse.  The charges were dismissed.  The wife wouldn’t testify.  How many times have we all heard this?  Plenty!! When questioned as to why he didn’t contact ICE he blamed […]

Mother Shoots Intruder, Saves Herself And Three Children

In Anderson, SC Ashley Jones, a mother of three children was awakened by someone pounding on her front door.  She saw a man and a woman attempting to gain entry into her home. After dialing 911 she retrieved her handgun and warned the person trying to kick in her front door that the police have […]

Goof Shoots At Cops With Pellet Gun, Gets Caramelized

Whilst on patrol a Harris County TX Deputy saw a car pull around a stopped school bus.  The Deputy tried to pull the vehicle over but it sped away thus leading to a 10 minute high speed chase. The suspect crashed as he attempted to make a U-turn. The cops told the errant driver to […]

Duluth City Council Tells Rude Protesters To “Buzz Off”

There at it again.  This time in Duluth, MN where the antifa and blm folks interrupted a city council meeting.  This time to gripe and whine about the Police Departments request to purchase new and updated crowd control equipment. These entitled little brats shouted down the business portion of the meeting where the pending purchase […]

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