Minneapolis Mayor And Council Ask “Where Are The Cops?”

Check out John Jay Wiley’s new podcasts, “True Crime Fighters” Told as only John can tell. One of Americas best purveyor’s of crime and cop stories. Also check out Law Enforcement Today, a great cop page! Now, on to the beautiful, if brunt city of Minneapolis. You know, the city that voted to disband it’s […]

Denver Cop Files Complaint Against Mouthy “Alderboob”

Last August cops were clearing a homeless encampment and moving the squatters to shelters for appropriate medical and mental health services. One of Denver’s goofy council members showed up and began berating the officers. Calling them “F*^k*$% pigs” and other undignified and skanky names and gestures. She even refereed to a black cop using the […]

Portland Cops Arrest Arsonist…After A Short Stay, He’s Released…

Portland cops taking a break from the “peaceful rioters” apprehended a guy starting fires in a residential area. He also attempted to burn a grassy area near a state forest. Guess he thought there wasn’t enough forest fires. OK, the goof gets popped and goes before a judge. Since OR is a no/low bail state […]

VA House Passes Bill To Delete Officers From “Qualified Immunity”

Virginia legislators in the house of delegates passed a bill to take away the “Qualified Immunity” from Police Officers. What does this mean? Good ??. “Qualified Immunity” is the protection given to cops saying they cannot be personally sued by some creep. Even if the officer did not break any laws. I think we can […]

Sheriff’s In Counties Bordering Portland Refuse To Send Deputies Into City

Recently the governator of OR, kate brown (D-Riots, What Riots?) said deputies in the surrounding counties will send in reinforcements for the Portland cops. Not so fast gov. The Sheriff’s both said they will NOT be sending in any deputies. Why you ask? Good question. Both said that additional officers will not help the situation. […]

Ken Dye, Author And Former Undercover Narcotics Detective Releases 5th Book…”Bi-State Strangler.”

Maury Travis stalked the St. Louis area “strolls” where the drug addicted sex workers plied their trade. Girls plucked from the drug and sex world were never seen alive again. They fell prey to the Bi-State Strangler…made the “riverman” look like a chump!! Peace www.KenJDye.com STAY SAFE, BUCKLE UP, WEAR YOUR VEST AND TURN ON […]

Wauwatosa Cop, Joe Mansah Shot At By Black “Activists.”

Here’s an update on the suspended/fired Wauwatosa cop who was involved in three OIS’s. He cancelled the tickets of these jerks…oh yeah, 2 were armed with guns, the other coming at him with a sword. They sealed their fate when they tried to KILL this cop. He would have none of this foolishness! Earlier this […]

Remember the MA Judge That Snuck An Illegal Out The back Door When She Knew ICE Was In The House

Well here’s an update. Her honor lost her bid for the charges, brought by the MA US Attorney, to be dismissed. What charges you ask? Good question. You may recall, back in 2018 she found out that ICE was in the courthouse. They wanted to take a defendant into custody. He had a number of […]

Minneapolis Police Say…Give The Stick-Up Man your “Stuff.” Do As They Say. BS

The MPD, after experiencing a phenomenal rise in armed robberies and car jackings came up with a great idea…give the predators what they want. After the weak and tepid response to the riots and the vote to disband the department seems like the cops are not being pro-active. Who can blame them? The Chief came […]

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