America, What Kind Of Cops Do You Want?

Police officers standing, guarding a building or monument. A group of “peaceful rioters…I mean protesters” approach and begin calling them names, throwing missiles and generally being a big pain in the azz. Do you want the cops to take action or just take it? What kinda cops ya want? Stop and frisk has been responsible […]

Atlanta Cop Chases Down Murder Suspect…On A Bike!

Yesterday Atlanta cops were looking for a murder suspect. Two alert cops saw the wanted dude and gave chase. The suspect was on a bike and was putting some distance between himself and the officers. One of the cops saw a guy riding a bike. He said to the rider”…Can I borrow your bike, I’ll […]

Minneapolis City Council Votes To Eliminate PD. Here’s A List Of Departments Looking For Lateral Entry LEO’s

Minneapolis has been a policing “Hot Spot” for the last month or so. Cops under fire for doing/not doing something. No leadership from the city or state. Now the city wants to ELIMINATE the department. One deep thinker said,”We are close to a safe, thriving city without police. We can start a new vision of […]

Seattle mayor Stopped Dead In Her Tracks After Saying “Chop” Zone Would Be Dismantled

Last week the mayor put her hand on her hips, stomped her foot and stuck out her lower lip and declared the area taken over by the thugs would be retaken. I asked her to keep us posted on her feckless efforts. She sent the public works folks to remove the barriers. A front loader […]

mayor Of Seattle Says The “Chop,” “Chaz” Zone Must End Due To All The Shootin’ and Lootin’

Last night the mayor of the once beautiful city of Seattle said the area taken over by the raging mob must come to an end. OK MS mayor, do you have a plan or are you just going to do nothing and blame the cops? I’d bet on the latter. In a brave and bold […]

Captain David Dorn, SLMPD, Didn’t Have To Die!

Early this month former SLMPD Captain David Dorn (Ret) was gunned down by a heartless, soulless thug. He was checking on a friends pawn shop when he was shot and killed by a bunch of lawless animals. This in response to the death of a suspect whilst in custody of the Minneapolis Police Department. Oh, […]

Fired ATL Cops Sue Mayor, Chief…Told Ya!

The two Atlanta cops, fired immediately after they arrested two college students who violated curfew and drove through police lines take action. The 2 cops, who have over 40 years of police experience, did what was necessary to take these 2 pampered and placated… “I don’t have to listen to you,” little snots into custody. […]

Minneapolis City Council Wants To Disband Police Department. G-For It!

In the oh so progressive city of Minneapolis a number of alderboobs want to do away with the cops. They are scratching their collective heads and hand wringing about how to accomplish the task. It’s easy. When you get the votes just make a motion…you know Robert’s Rules. Then make a big announcement and tell […]

While others Riot, Philly Gangsters Blow Up ATM’s. Not All Successfully.

What with all the rioting and unrest throughout the nation a bunch of Philly gang-bangers came up with an original idea. While the cops are all busy with the protests and stuff let’s go blow up some ATM’s and grab the $$. Where these guys got the explosives and the training in the care, use […]

2 Atlanta Cops Fired After Enforcing Curfew

In Atlanta last night 2 college students were cruising through police lines near the scene of violent rioting. A curfew had been issued by the mayor, keisha-something-something. The curfew was intended to quell the faux angry crowd and their antics. A police line had been set up to stop unauthorized folks from entering the area. […]

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