Seattle Alderboob Wants Cops To Fix Homeless Problem…He Voted To Defund That Program

Here’s one that’ll have you scratching your head. In the once beautiful city of Seattle a member of the council recently gripped that the cops weren’t doing anything about the exploding homeless problem. The SPD had a team of specially trained Officers working with the homeless to connect them with resources and housing opportunities. Last […]

Cops, America’s Whipping Boys for Societies Ill’s-Part 2

A few days ago I wrote about the 2 Atlanta Officers that were summarily fired by the mayor and chief. Let’s talk about cops involved in a fatal shooting and what they go through. In Cobb County, GA Officers stopped a rollin’ stolen. One of the creeps got out and pointed a gun at the […]

Cops, America’s Whipping Boy’s For Societies Ills.

I have been researching how cops have been treated during and after a critical incident. It ain’t pretty. All the way back to michael brown and former Ferguson, MO Officer Wilson who shot and killed brown out of pure necessity. After brown, any black male shot and killed by police became a cause celebrie’ for […]

12 Year Old Boy Shoots Home Invaders After They Shot His Grandmother

Last week in Goldsboro, NC a youngster was staying with his grandmother for the night. At around 1:00AM 2 uninvited and masked home invaders burst through the front door. After demanding $$ from the 73 year old grandmother she was shot in the leg by one of the ruffians. The 12 year old boy, who […]

Leon Spinks And The St. Louis Police Department

Last week former boxing heavyweight champion, Leon Spinks, departed the planet. Spinks was a product of the St. Louis projects and boxing phenom who beat Muhammad Ali in 1978. Leon had a number of run-ins with the SLMPD. These would usually include him being intoxicated and obnoxious. One such incident involved Leon being himself at […]

Bunky the cop

Officer “Bunky” Baltimore Police Department

Goof In Portland, Whist Being Escorted During Trespass Offence Calls One Of The Black Cops the “N” Bomb

In the once beautiful city of Portland cops were called to a fool causing a big ruckus on a streetcar. The man was accosting riders and harassing the conductor. They pulled him off the mode of transport and explained that he must leave. You can go find stoop that isn’t lettered with glass, used needles […]

Weymouth, MA Students Petition School To Remove Blue Live Matter Flag…Not So Fast

In Waymouth, MA high school, the president of the black lives matter group started a petition to remove the “Blue Lives Matter” flag. The football team, when they take the field, carry the flag to thunderous applause and ovation. The black lives matter pres, an Asian, I think, got his panties in a wad and […]

2 Atlanta Cops Fired For Doing Their Jobs Ordered Reinstated

Remember Atlanta cops Ivory Streeter and Mark Gardner? They were summarily fired by the mayor, Kieshia something-something last May for taking a couple creeps into custody. This after the little snot-nosed college brats broke through a police line and refused orders to stop their car and get out. Following department procedure they used the least […]

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