Resident Tells Cops…”Come Back With A Warrant.” They do!

In Ohio cops had a number of dealings with a residence that was the subject of a number of complaints. The usual stuff, excess traffic at all hours, shady looking characters hanging around, fights and suspected drug use. You know, the kind of stuff cops hear all the time. The cops asked the occupant if […]

They’re at it Again In Portland

Portland has hit the anti-police headlines/social media again. This time for the dastardly deed of having a “Blue Lives Matter” sticker on the back window of a Portland PD SUV. What the hell are these folks up there thinking. Must be something in the water or??. Sounds pretty stupid huh? Well some snowflake saw a […]

Taco Truck Owner Apologizes For Apology, Huh?

A taco truck served the staffers at a Federal Detention Facility in Buffalo, NY. When the uptight, panties in the crack of their azzes folks found out they took to social media to whine about serving the locale. In a typical, knee-jerk reaction the company offered sincere and over the top apologies to the “minority […]

Citizen Gripes About “Racist”Stuffed Animal In Police Car

In Winston-Salem NC an uptight busybody saw a stuffed animal in the back of a police car. She claimed that the animal was racist and offensive and a bunch of other stuff that really didn’t make any sense. Just another nutball…oh noooo, not in today’s spun up society. The chief opened an internal investigation etc., […]

High School Security Guard Fired For Telling Disruptive Student Not To Call Him the N-word

In ever-so correct Madison, WI a high school security guard was terminated for asking a belligerent student not to call him the n-word. The student also threatened to beat up the assistant principle. We can all see this kid is going far. The command staff of the high school were absolutely aghast that this security […]

Cops In WA Need Help To I.D. Person Who “Boosted” A large “Adult Novelty Item”

Frustrated police in Kennewick, WA are asking the public for help in identifying a person who took a “Large Adult Novelty Item” from the Castle Megastore last week. When posted on FB and other social media she was quickly dubbed the “dildo bandit.” Many folks were quick to comment…”May we all know what it is […]

Hold-Up Man’s Family Says Clerk Shouldn’t Have Had Gun

In Dayton, OH some idiot tried to hold-up a Dollar General store. When he waltzed into the store he waved his pistola about and demanded $$$ or he would kill everyone. Surprise, Surprise…one of the employees pulled out a gun and began firing at the not so bright felon. Shots exchanged and the bad guy […]

Cop Wanna-be, Busted By real Cop

In Albuquerque, NM an officer on routine patrol noticed a car pulled over. The car that pulled the vehicle over was not a standard patrol or detective car. This just didn’t look right. The officer pulled up and began to speak with the 18 yo goof. He had a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s badge on his […]

Philly Cop Killer Gets Another Shot At An Appeal

In Dec, 1981 Officer Faulkner was shot and killed by westly cook, who changed his name to mumia abu jamal. When translated means “cowardly back shooter.” Enter the Philly DA who wants to have this chump appeal his sentence. As a twice convicted felon and given the death penalty it’s only right that this fool […]

NY Times Op-Ed Says Cops Are The Problem-Not the Solution

In an op-ed published recently by two worldly scholars, darecka parnell and marbe stahly-something said the “Cops are not the solution but rather the problem.” Citing the 1994 crime bill , signed into law by Bill “Bubba” Clinton as the reason for the prison overcrowding and the folly of “Mass Incarceration.” These overcrowded prisons are […]