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I just love these kind of stories. In Commerce,CA a 20 year old home invader was shot at and detained by a 79 year old grandmother.

Homeowner holds bad guy until cops arrive

The homeowner was visiting with a friend when they heard a ruckus at the back door. The grandma went to get her guns whilst her friend called the constabulary.

The goof attempted to enter the home when the owner announced that she would shoot him if he did such a stupid thing. Did our dumbazz felon listen…of course not.

Upon entering, she fired a shot. He took off but soon returned and gained entry to the residence. As he was proceeding across the front room, the homeowner fired a few more rounds. This time he got the idea and hid in an upstairs closet until the cops arrived and freed him from the clutches of this 79 year old mad woman.

By the way, this idiot wasn’t wearing any clothes.

A BIG Cop’s Perspective tip O’ the hat to this fine lady who wasn’t going to put up with this fool’s antics.

Bonus question…Name That Drug.




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